The WIRQUIN PRO brand was created on your initiative, can you tell us a little more about the beginnings?

You have to go back 40 years! At that time, we had started our business on the pro market as well as the export market.

The DIY (Do It Yourself) market arrived, a long time after that.


We created a complete fracture to make a real breakthrough.

  • A sales force dedicated to professionals, and not dealing with both as was the case.
  • Differentiating products between the two networks, (consumer expectations are not the same).
  • A clear brand strategy to accompany this development with the creation of a WIRQUIN PRO brand.
  • Investments.


This was the prerequisite we needed to create a new identity on the Professional market.



What is your opinion today about the place of the WIRQUIN PRO brand?

This brand is a real success, however, we must not oppose the DIY brand to that of the PRO because they are two complementary markets that are advancing at their own pace and that contribute to WIRQUIN’s success today.



  Gwenhaël Le Coënt