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1000 Talents



Nothing for the moment

Promoting skill development


From the outset, our group has invested in human capital. Its HR policy encourages internal mobility, professional development, and diversity of skills.



The chance to progress
Immobility has no place in our business. Year in year out, we offer our employees the chance to take new steps in their careers and develop their skills.


Training, internal promotions, and mobility within the Group are the key drivers of our HR policy. This motivational approach has allowed former interns to progress to managerial roles.



Developing talent
Our constant drive to innovate is accompanied by a belief in group intelligence and the importance of developing individual talent to that end. Every day, we encourage our 1,000 employees to exhibit boldness, curiosity and commitment.


Employees’ ability to realise their full potential while also being useful to their company is essential to job satisfaction. This is our firm belief at Wirquin



Room for everyone
The group’s strength is ultimately dependent on an ability to unite complementary expertise and faces.


In 2013, Bruno volunteered to manage the Group’s factory in in Guangdong Province, China, which was acquired in 2010.


‘I had already visited the Chinese factory several times so I was aware of the challenges I faced. However, I did not appreciate how difficult it would be to work with people from such a radically different culture in the first few months.
You have to learn to work as a team and clearly explain your approach. Once trust was established and teams set up, it was a pleasure to work with the Chinese employees every day as they are always keen to make progress.’


Bruno PRIGENT (Wirquin Group Technical Manager)

Disabled people successfully integrated


For almost 20 years, our French subsidiary has been taking steps to promote the inclusion of disabled people in the workforce. For instance, it has forged a close partnership with the sheltered workshop ASI (Avenir Service Industrie). Having previously worked for our group from its own premises, ASI moved to premises provided at our Carquefou site. Its employees then joined the assembly line in 2004, where they adjusted to the industrial environment and its constraints. This successful and beneficial initiative was awarded the ‘Handicap et emploi’ [Disability in Employment] trophy by the French employers’ federation, MEDEF.



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