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Charity® project

All united in a common cause


From the outset, our ‘Charity’ project inspired major support, enthusiasm and a collective desire to get involved. Successive waves of male and female volunteers from all our subsidiaries flocked to support the espoused causes.


This collective energy was channelled into a number of fundraising events (raffles, sales, actions for World Toilet Day, etc.). Other initiatives are constantly being put forward.

In a broader sense, this spirit of solidarity has helped strengthen relationships and team spirit. Proud to belong to a group with a humanitarian focus, we are now united in a common cause going forward.


Promoting health throughout the world – a commitment from Wirquin employees


A quarter of the global population still do not have toilets, which means serious consequences (contaminated water, disease transmission, etc.) for these people’s health.

As hygiene experts, we could not stand by and do nothing about this health crisis. So we set up the ‘Charity’ project in 2015 to raise maximum awareness of this vital issue and take concrete action.


Committed to children
Alongside the World Toilet Organization, an NGO involved in this area, we support three causes close to our hearts – water, children, and universal access to toilets, throughout the world.


On key dates, all our subsidiaries raise money for these causes. This surge of activity has enabled several charity projects to be carried out in various regions of the world:

  • In Cambodia an ecological sanitary system was installed in floating villages using funds raised (€12,500). Water is now purified by 25 compact water purification units known as ‘Handy Pods’ that use plant-based filters.

Handy Pod – a compact eco-friendly water purification unit that retains human waste and treats it with plant-based filters and several layers of gravel, which purify the water before it is discharged into the lake.

Local projects supported by subsidiaries:


  • In South Africa, we funded the renovation of a centre that accommodates around 90 disabled children.
  • France – toilets were installed in the village school in Fadiola, which lies within the municipality of Zan Coulibaly, Mali using €6,750 of funds raised during various campaigns run by employees from our French subsidiary. The project will be run in early 2018 by Malian Development Unit 721 and the project manager with the involvement of local residents.
  • In Russia, toilets in a nursery for children aged 2 to 7 were renovated

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