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Brands portfolio

Individuals and trade

Making users’ lives easier

From DIY amateurs to professional installers, users’ sanitary equipment needs vary, as do their methods.


Eager to meet users’ various requirements, the Wirquin Group offers a portfolio of strong brands including two global brands, WIRQUIN DIY and WIRQUIN PRO, AND THREE REGIONAL BRANDS, CELMAC WIRQUIN, MACDEE WIRQUIN and VIRPLAST.

Linéaire Wirquin

A global brand for DIY store networks

Wirquin DIY focuses on making DIY accessible for all. Its reliable, cleverly designed products (wall-hung toilets, cisterns, toilet seats, shower trays, floor drains, hydrotherapy, wastes, etc.) are designed for ease of use and installation. They can be found in the plumbing and sanitary equipment sections of DIY stores throughout the world and make DIY jobs so much easier.

Linéaire Wirquin Pro

A global Brand for trade networks

Wirquin Pro focuses on helping professionals work more efficiently. Its reliable, innovative products (frames, cisterns, toilet seats, walk-in showers, floor drains, hydrotherapy, wastes, mechanisms, connectors, etc.) are all designed to make installation easier. They can be found in the plumbing and sanitary equipment sections of trade stores throughout the world and make tasks easier for professionals. They also help save precious time.

Linéaire Wirquin Celmac

Consumer and trade toilet range for the UK market

Celmac Wirquin is a leading toilet seat manufacturer in the UK. It produces over one million pieces per year to a wide range of design and technical specifications. Celmac has produced toilet seats since 1890 and is historically renowned for the 1930s black crescent school seat with the gap at the front (Crescent) as well as for setting the British Standard with the BS1254 Type 1 (Sonata) and the BS1254 Type 2 (Emerald) which are still manufactured today. Alongside the more traditional designs, Celmac also offers contemporary seat designs including bespoke colours and images.

Linéaire Wirquin Macdee

Consumer and trade toilet range for the UK market

Macdee Wirquin provides installers with a wide range of flushing mechanisms, frames, cisterns, wastes, traps, connectors, wetroom solutions and accessories. Its world-renowned products are designed and produced with the installer and end user in mind – ensuring they are quick and easy to install, cost-effective, robust, reliable and guaranteed to last.
A full range of flushing valves, inlet valves, siphons and kits are WRAS-approved and meet, if not exceed, British Standards and customers’ requirements to save water and money.

Linéaire Wirquin Virplast

Waste and connector range for the Russian market

The Virplast brand supplies an innovative range of connectors and drainage systems for trade customers in the Russian market.

Wirquin Groupe

Groupe Wirquin