Since the company was created in 1969, WIRQUIN has developed many projects on the French territory and promptly established its presence in international markets.

The first production unit was established in 1972 at Carquefou, in France, on the outskirts of Nantes. The Wirquin family settled there and every member soon shared the same passion for undertaking new challenges.

1977 marks the beginning of the company's sky-rocketing success with the creation of S.A. WIRQUIN. Innovation is the guiding principle of all the projects developed within the company: in France, the group's teams have designed award-winning products that have become best-sellers and are often imitated by competitors.

2005 marks the launch of the Group's international project, W4.

WIRQUIN has proved successful and made its mark on the French market, with its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and ongoing capacity to innovate to win new markets.
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Since its creation WIRQUIN believed in the future by investing in factories and by relying on experts with new and complementary skills.
In 1986, the workshop had been extended however was no longer big enough. Thus, an additional surface of 12,000 m² was acquired.

WIRQUIN also learned years ago that its main strength comes from the expertise of its people: concept developers, designers, sales representatives and workers.